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Nap anywhere in any chair!

What is a Porta-Nap?

A Porta-Nap is a device that lets you sleep anywhere at any time. It attaches your sweatshirt strings to your belt loops so your sweatshirt can support your head when you take a nap. Additionally, it comes equipped with an NFC chip, which can be used to quickly set an alarm or do various other tasks with a smartphone tap.


When you are sleepy, you are sleepy. There is nothing you can do about it except for taking a short nap. The Porta-Nap makes napping as convenient as possible so you can take a comfortable nap in any chair!
The integrated NFC chip speeds up the napping process to do a task like setting an alarm. Using the Porta-Nap App, the user can set a default nap length, and a "do not disturb" message. When the user is sleepy, they can tap their phone against the set an alarm and show the custom "do not disturb" message.
The user can also create their own automated task by resetting the URI on the chip to do a task like opening a different app, enabling a shortcut, or opening a website. The Porta-Nap can even be used to share contact information or links with other people by tapping the Porta-Nap against their phone. As long as the Porta-Nap stays on the user's sweatshirt strings, it is convenient for napping, sharing data, and automating tasks.