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How to use the Porta-Nap


  • The hook attaches to the belt loop in your pants or other objects. With a pair of Porta-Naps, the hook can attach on to the other hook and go around objects like handles.
  • The wedge can be used to hold a sweatshirt string in place while napping. This is the quickest way to start napping if the Porta-Nap is not on the sweatshirt strings prior to napping.
  • The hole can be used to attach the Porta-Nap to sweatshirt strings using a knot in the sweatshirt strings. This is the most convenient use of the Porta-Nap, as it is already attached. All you need to do is wrap your sweatshirt string around the Porta-Nap until it supports your head.
  • The NFC chip is used for automating tasks, like setting alarms, or for sharing data, like contact information and links.

App Settings

In the app settings, you can save an alarm and "do not disturb" message before your nap. Whenever your phone taps a Porta-Nap, the app opens and uses your custom settings.
In advanced settings, you can create your own automated task by resetting the URI on the chip to do a task like opening a different app, enabling a shortcut, or opening a website.
If the Porta-Nap does not open the Porta-Nap App, you can reset the Porta-Nap to the original settings.